Our mission is to save you time and money
on personal storage and moving with mobile storage.


Why pay more for self storage when you have a more cost-effective solution? Mobile storage also save you time and energy on transport and reduce the chance of damaging your precious furniture. Our storage rates:




$ per month

$ per week

Long term (6 months +)

1 X Standard Cube

10 Cubic Metres




2 X Standard Cubes

20 Cubic Metres




3 X Standard Cubes

30 Cubic Metres




4 X Standard Cubes

40 Cubic Metres




5 X Standard Cubes

50 Cubic Metres




1 X Jumbo Cube

15 Cubic Metres




Prices above all include GST.  A minimum charge of one months storage applies. Storage is charged to days after the first month.  

Transport and packing services


Transport only Packing the Cubes Deliver out of Auckland
1 X Cube $50 $125


2 X Cubes

$70 $250 Ask

3 X Cubes

$90 $375


4 X Cubes $100 $500


5 X Cubes

$110 $625


The transport costs above are based on the range within Great Auckland area between Papakura – Henderson – Albany and include drop-off and pickup. Please be noted the prices will be different if multiple Cubes are required to be delivered on different days. Prices of packing service are indicative and depend on the access to your house. If we pack the Cubes there is no minimum charge on storage. Please ask for a detailed quote if packing service is required.


Mobile storage V.S. Self storage

With self storage Auckland you have to organise your own transport to take your effects there and handle(load or unload) your effects four times. With mobile storage, however, you just need to load your household effects once – pack them into the Cubes. The next time you touch them is to unload them to your home when we redeliver the Cubes to you.  No time or money will be wasted on driving back and forth from a self storage facility.  Self storage is useful if you need to access your stuff frequently otherwise mobile storage would be a better storage solution as not only it is more economic it also reduces the chance of damages. 


Cube on truck

Mobile storage process

To store: We bring the storage Cubes to your home - You load the Cubes at your own pace - We uplift the Cubes and store them in our secured warehouse.
To take them back: We bring the Cubes to your home to unload.

Self storage process

To store: Organise the transport - Load household effects onto the vehicles - Unload them in the self storage facility
To take them back: organise the transport – load household effects from the self storage facility – unload them into your home

self storage


Our Cubes

Our portable storage units, known as Cubes, are designed to provide the exact solutions to your storage requirements.  The wooden, breathable, and dry Cubes are made in-house to ensure no mold, mildew or dampness while in storage.  They all come complete with water-proof covers, ties and blankets for you to secure your household effects with no extra charges. We have two types of Cubes for you to choose.


standard cube

Standard Cubes

Standard Cubes (10m3) are 2.4m high, 2.4m wide, and 1.8m deep. If you live in a single bedroom unit with limited amount of furniture and boxes. One standard Cube may well serve all of your stuff. If you are moving from a 3-bedroom house you might need 3/4 standard Cubes depending how much garage and garden stuff you have.

Jumbo Cube

Jumbo Cubes(15m3) are 2.4m high, 1.8m wide, and 3.4m deep. If you only have a 2-bedroom house/apartment you may find a Jumbo Cube fit all your stuff perfectly.

jumbo cube 2


Packing Cubes

Packing can be lots of fun when you know how to. But if you are not confident at handling heavy furniture we definitely can help packing all or part of your furniture. For more packing techniques please explore DIY removals.

DIY removals


Professional packing

All items are secured.
Fragile items are wrapped.
Space usage is maximised.

Self packing

When self packing you should try to avoid the following: Loose items are either floating on top or at the bottom taking too much weight. Fragile items are not fully covered/wrapped. Large furniture is not tied against walls.


Our facility

Cube Storage has a purposefully built, dry, and secure storage facility. We have plenty of room for Cubes and pallet racking. At Cube Storage we treat your possessions as if they were our own. Our facility is equipped with the latest electronic security system with off-site 24 hour security monitoring, which make it one of the most secured storage Auckland can provide.

our facility