Moving day!


Flexible furniture removal

We provide reliable and cost efficient furniture removal services in Auckland region. With our unique Cube System we make less trips and handling on your effects if you need storage and removal. We can also deliver to Northland, Coromandel, and Bay of Plenty if you have decided to move out Auckland.

What if you have to move out a few days or weeks before you move in your new house? What if you are downsizing to a smaller home and need some long-term storage? And what if you need to de-clutter for home staging? Cube Mobile Storage offer most cost-effective solutions to simplify complexities.




Store and then move

This is a typical scenario that you might need to put some of your effects in storage when listing your property on the market for open home. When you are ready for the household relocation we can bring the stored content and move the rest of your household effects in movement, saving you time and money.


Case study

Grant and Doris were selling their house in Birkenhead in November 2014 and they had a new house under construction in Beachland, due to finish in 4 months. They thought it would take two months to sell the house, therefore you would need storage for two months after the sale. For open home they need to put some stuff away in storage.
We delivered a standard Cube to Birkenhead and brought the filled Cube back in storage in November 2014. Grant and Doris’ house was sold and settled in March 2015. We packed the rest of their household effects into four standard Cubes and stored with their first Cube. In July 2015 when their new house is completed we redelivered all five Cubes to their new home.


new house key


Move and store

When you are downsizing to a smaller house you might need some temporary or long term storage for the less-used stuff. When moving house we can pack the less-used stuff into a Cube and take it back to our warehouse. Again there is no double handling and it will save you time and cost for organising storage separately.


Case study

Amanda was moving from her old house to a granny flat. The granny flat is not big enough for all her furniture. So she wanted to put the redundant furniture in storage. On the moving day we packed those contents into a separate standard Cube and took it back to our warehouse. She felt nice and easy that her household relocation and storage was done in one movement.


Happy couple move boxes


Why Cube System can save you time and money

Traditional removal companies can’t avoid double handling – they have to load your effects into truck and unload them into storage units in their depot. For redelivery they have to go through the same process again – move them from the storage units onto the truck and unload them from the truck to your home. The more times your effects are handled the more chances for damages.
With Cube System there is no double handling because we only load them once and unload them once.

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