Move house by yourself


What is DIY Removals

We provide you transport and Cubes and you provide your own labour to pack and unpack.

How it works

We drop off a number of Cubes to your house and you pack them up, and then we transport the filled Cubes to your new home. After you unpack all Cubes we uplift the empty.

Why DIY Removals

If you are restricted by budget but can get help for packing and unpacking from family members or friends DIY Removals might be your best option. It will save you tremendously on hiring truck and labour. For instance if you use four standard Cubes for DIY removal the cost would be $200(transport)+$390(Cube hire)=$590. Refer to our Mobile Storage Prices for details.


drop off Cubes


Packing techniques

Blankets and ties will be provided however some techniques are essential to ensure your space is optimised and your goods are safe in transit.
Anything heavy should be placed on the floor with lighter things on top of them. It is much easier to pack things into small boxes which are lighter to carry and easier to fit in tighter places.
You can use our free Cube blankets to cover surfaces of tables, cabinets etc – or you can use your blankets and towels etc. It is best to cover your goods whenever you are storing or transporting your things.

  1. It is easier and faster to pack your Cube if you have uniform sized boxes.
  2. Start with the heavy and large items, like a chest of draws or bookshelf. Anything solid to stack boxes on top of. Load them on the floor against the front of the Cube.
  3. Continue loading heavier items on the floor and lighter items or boxes on top. Ensure your most delicate items are placed above everything else.
  4. Pack tightly so that nothing can move around. Use small boxes, cushions, toys etc to fill all spaces. That includes inside cupboards and shelves.
  5. Take advantage of the tying point and rope ties inside the Cube. Use them frequently to secure each new layer you create while packing.
  6. Good packing is the key to ensure your goods arrive at the other end without damage.
  7. Make sure you look after your body while loading your Cube. Bend your knees when picking up boxes or furniture. Let your legs do the work and not your BACK!

Please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for the way you pack or if anything becomes damaged in transit due to your packing. We will provide you any information you may need to make the process easier. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding the Cube packing process.