Self-Storage in Auckland – What’s Involved?

What does self-storage involve? Self-storage is short for self-service storage where storage units are rented out month-to-month. Those who rent storage units, also called tenants, often include individuals who do not have much space at home or businesses that need extra space for office items that are no longer needed in their place of business. Other businesses use storage facilities to store excess inventory or documents.

Self-storage often involves having to drive to the facility to bring the items that need to be stored. While this sounds like a hassle, this makes it possible for tenants to save on transport costs.  Most storage facilities offer boxes, packaging supplies, and locks for sale right on the premises to make the whole process less stressful for tenants. The good facilities also offer assistance in packing goods.

When done with the packing, tenants can use their own lock and key to keep their items in the facility safe. The facility does not and will not have any kind of access to the items being stored. And more importantly, they do not take possession of the contents of the unit unless rent isn’t paid.

Often, storage facilities provide insurance for the items being stored and this is something that would-be customers should ask about when looking for a good storage company.

Finding a Good Self-Storage in Auckland

Finding a good storage facility in Auckland means having to do a lot of research. Which storage stacks and stores items themselves? Which ones are equipped with good security systems? And which ones offer the best prices?  These are some of the questions that would-be customers ask when looking for a good self-storage facility in Auckland or anywhere in the world.

Apart from these questions, would-be tenants should also look for a storage facility with courteous employees and excellent customer service, ready to answer any has questions.

Prices can vary depending on the space that the tenant would like to rent, and these are usually paid per month. Renters can secure their unit for a short period or long-term.

For those looking for a storage facility that offers storage solutions for just a week or two, this kind of service is available too. Tenants can rent spaces for their items per week.

Why Choose Self-Storage?

Self-storage is cheap and can save would-be customers or tenants a lot of money. The only real effort one needs with this kind of arrangement is to drive to the facility to unload and pack the items that need to be stored. Self-storage is a good way to keep belongings safe until they are needed again. Storage facilities that provide this kind of service also offer 24-hour security and they are built not only to keep their tenants’ possessions safe from theft but also to keep those possessions intact.

Since tenants have their own locks and keys, no one can get access to the units except the person renting the space. Once locked, the nits remain locked and its contents untouched.

It’s Time to Get Rid of the Clutter

Can’t live with the clutter anymore? Cluttered spaces can be stressful and it plays a role in how homeowners feel about their homes. It bombards the mind with negative visual stimuli and distracts homeowners from focusing on the important things.

Luckily, this problem can be solved by calling a good storage facility. Self-service storage helps make space for homes in need of more space. They can be  an extension of one’s house in terms of storing possessions that are no longer needed.

While some would want to just use the spare room in their homes to store boxes full of stuff, having that extra space for something more relaxing is a tempting idea. Who doesn’t want extra space? Homeowners can turn their spare room into a reading room, for example. For growing families with a baby on the way, that spare room is very important. It can be turned into a playroom and baby room. Imagine all the possibilities with that extra space one can get if a storage unit is rented for the unnecessary clutter in one’s home. And imagine the relief of not having too many things inside the house anymore.

For individuals who can bring their belongings to the storage, Cube Storage has the lowest rates in town. Check out how we handle storage and what kind of prices you can expect. Would-be customers can call 0800 282348 for more information.