Cheap Storage in Auckland – Free Delivery, Buy One Get One Half Price

People want value for their money. Whether one is talking about grocery goods from the supermarket or availing of a particular service, most want something affordable that offers the best value.

When it comes to storage, most want the best prices available, too. This is only natural because storage space is paid month-to-month and can pile up if it’s too expensive. Apart from that, not being able to pay the monthly fee can lead to losing all the items in the. Those looking for storage solutions in Auckland should take a look at the best options available and should avail of the lowest rates in town that delivers the best value.

Cheap Storage in Auckland

In need of extra space to store items that are no longer needed at home? Cube Storage is the company to call. The storage facility offers a unique way of storing items. It rents out cubes to would-be customers and keeps these cubes in a safe facility. But aside from having a safe, dry, warehouse, Cube Storage also offers the cheapest rates in Auckland. It also has the latest security system onsite complete with offsite 24 hour security.

Self-Storage Solutions

For those who can bring their household effects to the storage facility, Cube Storage offers the lowest rates in town. A standard cube measuring 10 cubic metres can be rented for as low as $22 per week. For those who need to store household items for a few months, Cube Storage also has long term options. Clients can also choose larger cubes. They are available in 15 cubic metres up to 50 cubic metres and all of them are affordable.

What does self-storage involve? All clients have to do is to bring their household effects or other items to the Cube Storage warehouse and pack them into the cubes. Storage company personnel will then stack the cube or cubes to store them.

Mobile Storage

Cube Storage is the best option for relocations and storage. Its mission is to save time and money for its clients without sacrificing the quality of the service.

For homeowners who are trying to free up some space in their homes, mobile storage is a good solution. It is cheap and quite convenient. Cube Storage can deliver the cubes to the customer’s home and let the customer fill it up. Once done, the helpful personnel from Cube Storage will pick up the cube to get it stored. Those who are moving to a new home can also avail of this service.

A standard 10 cubic metre cube can be rented for as low as $30 a week. Long term rates are also available. Cube Storage has made sure that weekly rates are available to accommodate individuals who have to move frequently. Businessmen who have to bring a number of items with them whenever they go from one city to the next, for example, need this kind of service. Young families that need more space in their home can also avail of this storage solution. It is cheap and also has low long term rates.

Transport and Packing Services

Cube Storage also offers transport and packing services. But for those who can avail of the company’s specials, the storage facility and relocation service also offers free packing and free delivery.

Transport costs vary and depends on how accessible the house is. But because Cube Storage is dedicated to providing good service to its customers at the lowest possible rates, the costs for packing and transport are very affordable. To get a detailed quote, it is best to call Cube Storage today.

Free Delivery

For those who are in the Auckland city area or the eastern suburbs, delivery is completely free of charge. Cube Storage also does redelivery services for free for clients who are in the free delivery zone.

Buy One, Get One at Half Price

For clients who have a lot of items to store, getting a number of cubes at a regular price would cost a lot. To save money, Cube Storage customers can avail of the company’s buy one, get one at half the price promo.  Ordering more than one cube no matter what the size saves money because the second one will be billed for half of its original price.

Cube Storage offers the most affordable solutions for relocation and storage. Our specials provide clients with the lowest storage rates in town and we can guarantee that we can beat everyone when it comes our mobile or self-storage rates. Find out more about our prices by talking to our friendly employees at 0800 282348.