The Best Rates for Storage in Auckland

Looking for the best rates for storage in Auckland? The budget conscious always tries to find the cheapest rates possible but while rates should be taken into consideration, the quality of the service should be given importance too. The kind of service provided always takes the cake and often, customers go back for the service without taking a look at the price tag.

The perfect storage facility is a business that provides topnotch service to satisfy all its customers. And it makes sure that everything is stored in an environment where no one else has access to any of the items inside the storage units. The facility itself should also have 24-hour security.

Apart from providing friendly service and security, a good storage facility also provides a few add-ons for free. This can include free delivery from the client’s home to the storage unit and free packing. But above all, a good storage company should also provide rates that are affordable because this is something that the thrifty look for.

This is what Cube Storage is all about. The company offers friendly, unparalleled service, and also has the lowest rates in town.

Lowest Rates for Storage in Auckland

Most work hard to make a living and often, savings here and there help. And in this kind of economy, it is undeniable that everyone wants value for their money.  When it comes to storage where clients have to pay for space on a monthly basis, affordable rates are always welcome. Expenses can pile up and not being able to pay for the storage unit can mean losing a number of precious items.

With Cube Storage, payments won’t make much of a dent in the client’s budget. In fact, renters can even cut down on costs if they opt to get two cubes instead of one. To ensure that clients get the best rates, it is advisable to talk to one of Cube Storage’s friendly personnel.

Cheap Furniture Removal

Aside from low rates on cube or space rentals, Cube Storage also offers cheap furniture removal for its clients. Furniture removals are only at $120 per hour and this service includes two removal personnel and a truck.

Clients don’t need to worry about their furniture because all Cube Storage removal professionals have 10+ years of experience in household relocation. For those who would like to move their furniture to the storage facility, this can be done for the same price too.

Cube Storage can also move furniture to the new house and drop off other things at the storage as well. And this can be done in one trip. Everything is easier with Cube Storage and clients don’t need to worry about a thing. This is the kind of hassle free service that any family on a budget should avail of.

Free Packing

Packing is an activity that not many people enjoy. It can be difficult and stressful and possibly the most annoying part of moving items to the storage or to anywhere. The good news is, Cube Storage can pack items free of charge for those who are planning to rent a storage unit for three months or more. This is quite useful and saves a lot of time, money, and effort.

Free packing also relieves those who are moving from the stress that the activity creates. Cube Storage does the heavy lifting so clients can just sit back and relax.

Free Delivery Zone in Auckland

Transporting items from one place to another can cost a lot of money. For those who are moving furniture or other items, transport costs can make a dent on the budget. This isn’t a problem for clients who choose Cube Storage. For those living in Auckland, Cube Storage offers delivery and redelivery services completely free of charge. To find out about this free service, call the number provided below or book through the website.

Self-Storage with Cube Storage

Cube Storage also offers traditional self-service storage but the company has taken this to a new level. The storage company can deliver cubes to the client’s home to load up all the items to be stored. Once done, Cube Storage personnel drive the cube back to the facility to stack the cube. This makes things easier for people who are moving or those who just want to free some space in their homes.

Hassle Free Service with Cube Storage

Experience cheap, hassle free service with Cube Storage. The storage facility offers the best prices in town so clients can store their belongings in a safe space without spending too much. Take a look at how we handle storage and what kind of prices clients can expect. Call us today at 0800 282348 for more information.