Benefits of Working with an Established Storage Provider

It is exciting to try new things but when it comes to a storage provider, clients should stick with one that is already established. Below are the reasons why Cube Storage should be the company to call when in need of storage and relocation solutions.

1. Hassle Free Storage

Experience plays an important role in terms of providing good service and this is true with most types of services. When it comes to storage, choosing a storage company that’s been around for years is always the better choice. Because of their experience, these companies are able to provide hassle free storage services without their clients having to worry about anything.

An established storage provider can anticipate the needs of its customers. This comes easy because they have seen and gone through the process of moving and storing items a number of times for a number of years. This is an advantage because a company can only evolve through experience. Established storage providers have made their mistakes and have already learned from them. They know themselves well and they know their clients. They have already determined how to work more efficiently and how to make the process painless for their customers.

Experience, as they say, is the best teacher and more often than not, it has already taught companies to be more reliable than their younger counterparts. With Cube Storage, customers get hassle free service from relocation personnel with 10+ years of experience. This experience is combined with industry-related knowledge that helps the Auckland company know what clients want and need. It cares about its customers and has developed an ear for listening and translating that to the service that each client wants.

The storage company has a unique Cube system that enables them to move household items to the client’s new home and drop off other things at the storage all in one movement.

Cube Storage does not only provide friendly, reliable service but is also flexible when it comes to dealing with clients. The storage facility’s cubes can stay at the client’s home for a few days with no extra charge. This makes it easier for clients to pack their items without worry. The Auckland company believes that customer is king and should be given the best, most hassle free service possible. And that they should fill their cubes at their own pace without worrying about costs.

Cube Storage can also bring up to five cubes to their clients so they don’t have to guess how many cubes they need. Clients are only charged for the number of cubes they use.

2. Competitive Pricing

Cube Storage’s pricing is quite competitive. In fact, it offers the lowest rates in town. Storage for 10m3 cubes start at $110 per month while larger cubes (15m3) are priced at $129 per month. Clients looking for standard cubes can get one for only $55 a month.

And for those who need a lot of cubes, the company can help in cutting costs through their buy one, get one at half the price special.

3. Better Deals

Established storage providers often offer better deals to its customers. This is mainly because it already knows what customers want and need. Those who have been in this industry for a long time have the capability to offer better rates along with free services that are useful to customers.

Cube Storage has thought of everything when it comes to moving or relocation and storing items that are no longer needed.

For clients who need help with packing their household effects, Cube Storage offers free packing services. For those who are worried about transport costs, the company has free delivery in place. And while the storage service caters to customers in Auckland with delivery coverage from Warkworth to Pukekohe, the company can redeliver cubes to North Island as well.

For individuals on a budget, Cube Storage also offers DIY removals where the company’s portable storage units can stay at the client’s home until they are filled. These units can be transported to the new home to be unpacked by the client. For those who would like to save some money on relocation costs, this is definitely a great deal.

Experience affordable, flexible, and hassle free service with Cube Storage. The company offers the best prices so clients can store their belongings or relocate without spending too much money. Take a look at how we handle storage and what kind of prices clients can expect. Call us today at 0800 282348 for more information. We’d be happy to hear from you.